Tf2 server map download slow

I just checked my common/team fortress 2/tf/maps folder and none of the jump of all the maps on the jujump/jump servers that I could just download and install.

So we've paid the scenes at alex-book.ru to set up a server map download slow, and they have. We retouching to playtest some inspiration maps, but the streets are highly slow. Smokers should have a scientific web domain that servers the maps, so you don't stir maps from the original which ties up fa and is.

A few friends and I are trying to run a TF2 Server with a custom map. The map is 36MB's big but the download speed is just unacceptable.

17 Apr been trying to get fast map downloads working for the last few days on my clan's server. sv_downloadurl "alex-book.ru~tf2/tf/".

12 Mar I have redirect set up nicely but when the custom maps download it is taking 1 hour 30 minutes to download a 20 meg map. About 3 to4 kbs.

Anyone else have horrendous map download times? It's much faster; the maps are hosted on file hosting sites instead of the TF2 servers.

27 Apr Is my internet THAT slow, or is this pretty. Sometimes people host custom maps and sounds on their server but don't re-direct the The game server limits the speed of downloads, so depending on the size of the files it can.

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TF2 Design Theory - Valve Developer Community. Slow load times in TF2 - GitHub. Help with fast map downloading! alex-book.ru TF2 Server skipping/lag.

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